About Us EVR International

EVR International, LLC is located in Winnsboro, LA, has a 63,500 sq. ft. manufacturing plant on its 15 acre industrial site. Current EVR recyclate production capacity is 30 million pounds, the manufacturing of which is readily scalable to more than 100 million pounds output under roof without plant expansion on its additional land. The property is located proximate to the Mississippi river with barge port access for low cost material delivery and product shipping.

EVR is manufactured with raw material vulcanized waste streams employing its perfected “true recyclate” reactivation technology that produces a fully compounded product, is environmentally friendly having no emissions or waste discharge and recycles 100% of materials.

EVR can be engineered to specific performance, wear or cost objectives for unique applications, chemical formulations or product specifications. EVR improves cost-performance ratios without functional compromises encountered using “rubber dust” and inorganic fillers. Our experienced rubber chemists work with customers to address any formulation or processing concerns.