Innovative Products

Eco-Viridis Rubber – “EVR” – is an activated rubber recyclate derived from scrap rubber rendered by a proprietary surface re-polymerization technology, which can be formulated at levels of 20-50% into conventional rubber manufactured compounds.

Importantly, EVR is not a devulcanized product with its constitutive shortcomings of low molecular weight, low tensile and low elongation. EVR evolves from an advanced particulate polymer concept – a pre-cured, engineered, particulate elastomer with a homogeneous, reactive polymer surface; and because it cross-links into virgin rubber or masterbatch compounds while maintaining the original carbon backbone, it can be employed at high loading, yet delivers high performance.

In many applications EVR finished properties exceed those of the parent compound, especially in tire abrasion resistance – increased wear, with reduced tear, wet skid resistance, gas permeability and rolling resistance. The inherent chemistry of EVR typically reduces curative and other compounding agent requirements – and their end-product cost – while increasing molding efficiencies.